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Intalio User Conference in Japan

This week, on monday and tuesday, Intalio organized the Intalio User conference in Tokyo.

There was about twice as much people in Japan, as there was for the Intalio Conference in  San Francisco, and a total of more than 250 users attended. It was presented with what I felt was a very good vibe,  Japanese users got in touch with developers, engineers, managers, marketing, and Ismael社長 .  

It was also a great opportunity for the Intalio crowd itself to meet with each other, and Intalio people came from Singapore, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles… to present for the event.

The organization was achieved brilliantly by Sawada-san,  from start to finish, even before start, and after the finish, presenting each speaker, presenting the event, welcoming each and every single participant, making sure the point of each presentation was conveyed in Japanese, to the Japanese users as well. That was a very impressive amount of work, and we’re really grateful to be able to work with him.

Shao, could get the preview release of Liferay, Alfresco, Intalio, CAS, LDAP along with D3-driven RSS feeds feature that I’ve been working on. He presented this side by side with the Business Rules Engine (BRE) integration, and other D3 projects. Even though we presented just after lunch, there were quite a few questions, and the 20 minutes long live-demo went perfectly well, which made it all well worth putting efforts into !

After the presentation, Alex, Hugues, Shao and myself hold a Q&A session, where engineers from Toyo Business Engineering, ITFrontier, NTT Intramart and Fuji Xerox attended and asked questions on topics like:
* Demand Driven Development 
* processes suspend/resume, and related workflow artifacts
* Import/Export of designed processes from Intalio|Designer to a set of different format 
* SimpEL
* …
The Q&A session was met with enthusiasm, and users could ask whatever question they wanted, lasted for more than 1h30 minutes, and we got great feedback on what new features are important, and where we should focus on. I really enjoyed that, and hope there will be more of those actions in the future.

Santa Cruz’ Jonathan said we’re holding another Intalio conference in Spain early next year, so keep posted !

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