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How to use the new task List for Tempo

Moving toward the 6.0.0 release, we’ve slightly improved the tasks list, the web application where the user can see, search, and action on each and every of her tasks.

Today’s post will server as a reference on how to use it, and the different new features.

First we start by login through CAS,

If login is successful, we are immediately redirected to the tempo welcome page:

You will notice a bouncing arrow at the top left of the screen:The different tabs presents the different tasks type, as it was before.


  • Tasks presents your TODO list, and all the items you have to work on.
  • Notifications are similar to Growl, in the sense that it tells you thing, but you don’t have to take any actions
  • Processes, People Initiated People Activity,  PIPA, are processes that can be started by the user.
Let’s go through the processes tab first:
It’s a bit different than before. We now have a limit on the number of items to be displayed.


The toolbar at the bottom helps you navigate from one page to the other, and gives you a overall status of the items being displayed.
The number of pages being calculated from the number of items, and the number of items to be displayed. The number of items displayed one one single page can be changed using the drop down menu at the bottom left corner:
Clicking on any number automatically refreshes the page. Also, the select box can be easily configured, so we could add 50, 100 if the number of tasks increases.
Although in this last case, we have …


Clicking on the magnifying glass:

A new menu slide in and you can filter the tasks:


If you still have too many tasks, you can order the items ascending or descending by clicking on the column header.

The sorting column will be displayed in a slightly different color.


Now clicking on an item in the list, makes the form being presented almost full screen.

So clicking on the above, will hide the list, and present the form with the maximum usable space:

Clicking on an action item in the form will hide it, and show the list again.

Or you can simply press the list of items you would like to see again:

Voila !

We will be presenting at the Beijing OpenSourceCamp this weekend. Hope to see you there !

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