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Automated Human Workflow with Tempo

August 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Long time no post, so I am taking the opportunity of a customer request that came yesterday about documenting the different web services needed to automate a Tempo workflow through Intalio|BPMS.

What we want to achieve, is simply to control the different state of a Task through web services, so the task will appear in the task list of a user, and then get completed with a bit of custom data. You could integrate this in your process, by having the create part automated, or the complete part automated with custom data.

The process here is located on github, and the process is named CreateExample.


The process starts with a form to initiate the process. This calls an endpoint created by Ode after this particular process has been deployed.  What happens then is that the user opens the form, and the form manager will eventually send an init request to the TaskManagementService.

The flow for initiating the process is shown in more details on the tempo wiki:, on the people initiated process page.

Then a bit of data mapping, before sending the create request to the static form responsible for the dynamic task to be created.

Picture 1

Last step, is to send the complete request to Task Manager Process, the process responsible for the Task Life cycle.

Picture 2

This is also largely explained less graphically in a test we have on github for tempo, totally manipulating every state of tasks through code, that code mostly sending http requests to the appropriate service. You can see that in this junit java test.

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