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Build with Jetty 7, Tempo, Ode, SSO w/ CAS, LDAP w/ ApacheDS on MYSQL

The Story

Having the jetty guys nearby being one of the coolest thing of this year, we had to just kick off a build of the different Tempo components all running on the recently released Jetty 7.

This is now done and available, and the least we can say, it’s fast.

The Short

The hassle free version is along those lines:

  1. Download the zip file,
  2. run the DB script for MySQL named bpms.sql found inside the release folder,
  3. Start jetty, using the jetty.sh script.

The Long

The long non-short version, meaning that you can fully reproduce the build yourself, is described below:

Most is based by configuring the different versions of the components you want to use and then simply running the following ruby script.

Here are all the necessary steps you need to go through to reproduce the build on your own machine:

  1. Get yourself a JDK installed
    • Define JAVA_HOME properly
  2. Install Ruby, Ruby gems, and add the gems/bin folder to your path
  3. Install the following gems: buildr, hpricot and their dependencies
    • When using jruby, use hpricot version 0.6, and install jruby-openssl
    • while we’re at it, you may need ssl-dev on linux
  4. Install git, and clone the tempo public repository
  5. Install MySQL (with GUI client if needed)
    • Create the bpms database in mysql, and run the script named bpms.sql found in the build folder
  6. Run the script, by running the script ./rsc/script/tempo_builder_jetty.rb (edit the versions directly within that files if you want)
    • The resulting build is in the newly created target folder
  7. Run jetty, ./bin/jetty.sh run
  8. Access http://localhost:8080/ui-fw, and you should be redirected to the CAS login page for integrated Single Sign On
    • The secret login is admin/changeit, and you can add change users by defining some more in LDAP/ApacheDS
  9. You are logged in and can now see your tasks and start working.

The beginning

You are ready to …


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