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Workflow: New, Clean, Updated and UI on boost with JQuery 1.4

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Discovering the already 1-month old super fast awesome JQuery 1.4, (what’s new?) we have integrated it seamlessly in our current user task list, and it turns out we only gained speed and reduced the number of bugs. Kudos to the developers. That was the sweetest upgrade ever. Not a single glitch.

To celebrate, realized it was due time to make a quick new Tempo release. Things done, and the release itself can be found on the maven repository:

And mostly includes updated version of the core components:

The build can be recreated simply by using the tempo_builder_jetty.rb script, which relies on a clean and working buildr installation.

The build can be started by following the two simple steps:

  • create a mysql bpms database, and import the ode tables found in the bpms.sql file
  • start the server using ./bin/ run

The build process itself is pulling out all sorts of artifacts from different repository, so I decided to clean the dust and push out a quick diagram so that it’s easier to know what’s who and where (in the world is Carmen San Diego?)

A click-able version of the diagram is here.

Disclaimer notes:

  • This release does not include the windows binaries to start the jetty server.
  • This release has only been tested on a minimum number of configurations, and there is absolutely no warranty it will work in your environment.
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